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Tents for Sale Joburg are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of marquees and tents in Joburg. Tents have been used throughout the years for numerous events like fairs, circuses, banquets, large weddings or more recently for entertainment events. As our tents are available in variety of colours, however the traditional white always wins the heart of many. We offer a wide range of tents that vary in style and size. Our tents are design to suit your event and the number of guest be it a cinema or banquet style setting, we can assist you in whatever your event requires. Whether it is a custom designed tent for your everyday events in the heart of the home or a mess tent designed for military/army use in the desert, you can surely trust the Boss Tents Brand to deliver. Tents for Sale not only provide you with a structure for your event but give you the opportunity to purchase all you require for your event on hand. We have an outstanding range of chairs such as Ghost Chairs, Wimbledon Chairs, Tiffany Chairs, White Tiffany Chairs, Clear Tiffany Chairs, Silver Tiffany Chairs, Wedding Tents, Party Tents, Phoenix Chairs, Chanel Chairs, Rectangular Plastic Folding Tables, Round Plastic Folding Tables, Steel Folding Tables, Table Cloths, Chair Covers, Draping Material and much more.

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Tent Manufacturers Joburg

In the year 1994 came about the establishment of our small medium enterprise in the form of Tent Manufacturers Joburg which is based in South Africa. We are the leading Tent Manufacturers Joburg having a team of dedicated employees who are ever ready to assist you and we aim to manufacture our products to the best quality that adheres to our valued customers request and specifications. Tents for Sale undergo complete machinery and expansion updates yearly to ensure client satisfaction. We make sure that each product is made suitable for our clients and for the ongoing entertainment events, party, weddings, functions etc. At Tents for Sale quality and service matter to us in every possible way and we work closely with each department and raise new ideas and ways to market our products and company to bring you the best of the Tents for Sale Brand worldwide. In the ancient days tents where used as homes/shelters for people an as time went by tents became more sophisticated and elegant and people started to use them to host all kinds of events. Nowadays if we look at the uses of tents we see that people go all out on using their tents for functions and events. Many wish to hire, but why hire when you can own your own tent at our company your one stop manufacturer and supplier of all your tents & tent accessory needs.